I Want to Know…

I want to know
why people laugh and cry, 
why birds chirp and fly
how close or far they are
what they think or do
what they are up to
unknowns abound
muddle and astound…

I want to know
how plants and trees feel
the origin of first seeds
the source of colour pigments
of their leaves and flowers…

I want to know
what’s happening
inside my body
how beautifully all systems
work in unison
and why an organ suddenly
starts playing truant
and whether heart also thinks…

I want to know
all the little facts and figures
in totality
the facts of ignorance
my own callowness
answers to all questions
what for, why not, howzat…

but if I get to know one
others feel left out
that makes me shaky
put me in a state of disarray
at times uncomfortable too…

but every new thing so learnt
gives me happiness,
a sense of accomplishment
in installments
a little light dispelling
the darkness of ignorance…

getting to know one by one 
the things and intricacies
in and around my life
gives me the real bliss,
not the ignorance…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Knowledge is power, KK, it reminds me of The Man Who Knew Everything, Sir Joshua Dalton Hooker, the president of Royal Society, the oldest British society of Sciences..
    Excellent, interesting post, Kaushal. Big Thank You.


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    1. That’s a great input, Joanna. I was not aware. There was some biography or movie with the same title. It’s however difficult to know each and every thing.
      Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment!!

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    1. Very frankly, Chen, my inspiration comes from what I learn from things and people around me like you. I’m just one of you. Thanks for your interesting question 🙏

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    1. It’s practically impossible to know everything. But it’s a pleasure to know more and more. Thank you, Ashley for your considered comment 🙏💐

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  2. Well said! quite the quandary, All of these questions with answers that allude with partial answers are the basis for man’s search for knowledge. I am guessing that search will continue for the duration of time.

    Thank You for the Follow! Much Appreciated. Thank You for stopping by, reading, and liking my posts! I appreciate you!

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    1. Thank you tk for your thoughtful and reasoned comment. Loved it. Search for knowledge will continue, as it gives continuity to the life.
      I also read each and every post of yours. It’s my pleasure 😊

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