The Power of Prayer

I was posted then in Indore (M.P.). My neighbour was Ranjan, a revenue officer in the state government. He had his father, who was a cardiac patient apart from being hypertensive and diabetic.

I used to meet and greet him while walking both in the morning and evening. But one day he experienced some complications and had to be admitted to one of the best private hospitals of Indore.

He was initially stable, but after a few days, he developed more complications and his position started deteriorating. Finally he was shifted to ICCU and then put on the life- support machine. He had been in a coma for a week or so.

Finally, the doctor, who was treating him from the very beginning advised my friend Ranjan that he had consulted other experts too, but all were of the considered opinion that there was no further hope. A time comes when doctors and medicines carry no meaning.

The doctor politely told him to take his father back to home and to pray for his well-being. The doctor had a point, as I had seen him senseless in the hospital, when I last visited him. We had also lost hope.

Finally, Ranjan brought his father back home and started praying, worshipping, chanting mantras and performed all types of rituals. It continued for three to four days without break, and lo and behold, he started getting consciousness, and after three weeks, he was on his feet. Finally, he again started walking on the roof, as usual.

It was a miracle for all of us. I would not have believed this story had I not seen with my own eyes.

I would like to end this story with an excerpt from the statement given by Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, MS, FRCS, a well-known cardiac surgeon, who has performed more than 15000 heart operations, who is also a strong believer in the presence of God, which one may call the cosmic force, or anything else..

“…Many times we come across patients who have absolutely no chance to live, because of the condition they suffer from, and walking out of the hospital in less than seven days hale and hearty! Sometimes patients, who had a strong possibility of survival following the operation, do not make it. What is the reason for this outcome? Are we in command? No, certainly not. As a surgeon, before I start the operation, I pray to God and do the operation in His name. Success and failure are not because of me. It may be through me…”

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. This seems like a miracle. Thoughts and prayers have exceptional powers. I’ve come across a line in a documentary – The world is a genie; It gives what you ask for. This incident stands true to that!

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    1. Very well said, Anisha. Miracles do happen. And positive affirmations give positive vibes. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your beautiful reflections 😊

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    1. मंगल मूर्ती मोरया 🙏🙏🙏
      बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद 🙏


    1. Dr Shetty had also stated that the human body is a marvellous creation, where everything works with clock-like precision. One day something happens and the body becomes limp and comes to a standstill. Thank you Haoyan for sharing your thoughts 🙏💐

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  2. Good read. Prayers can do wonders. It’s beyond ones imagination what the Almighty can do and that is why we call him Almighty God for whom nothing is impossible.

    How humble is the doctor to begin his operations with the name of God and to accept the fact that everything is in the hands of God alone.

    May god Guide us all to the right path.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your beautiful reflections. Someone has to be there to coordinate everything happening around us, good or bad. Stay blessed 🙏

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    1. Yes, we have no explanation for a power that controls the various events of the universe. Thank you so much for following and sharing your thoughts 🙏

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  3. Thank you doe for sharing this story with us. It was heartfelt and I too, believe that prayers can lead to miracles. Stay blessed🙏❤️🎁💐😊

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  4. I know a few doctors among friends and family and all of them have seen a fair share of ‘medical miracles’ or ‘mystery diagnosis’. There’s so much we still don’t understand, but there’s no denying that prayers help!

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  5. God has given the earth to man/woman (His people) and thus cannot do anything on earth if man/woman don’t pray. Prayer is inviting Him into the situation. He always answers, though the answer might sometimes not be what we want to hear.
    This is a great testimony that prayer works.
    Thanks for sharing.

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