Rural Employment and Pandemic

As per data released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE),the unemployment rate in India surged to 49-week high of 14.45% in the week ended 16 May. This is almost double the 8.67% recorded in the preceding week.

Though it is way below the peak of more than 21% in May’20, the last week spike is disturbing, particularly because employment losses were much more in the agricultural sector, that had not suffered state-imposed curbs and lock-downs. Rural employment soared to 14.34% in the last week from just 7.29%.

Some analysts feel that certain sectors like consumer retail, travel and tourism have been hit from demand perspective due to joblessness and skimping discretionary expenses.

The lack of opportunities in urban areas has forced people to shift to their respective villages, where employment opportunities are not there for them. A lull in agricultural activities that contribute one fifth of our economy, may also have contributed to this menace.

The fact is that the covid is fast spreading in rural areas, where the facilities of testing and healthcare are rickety. And now the black fungus is also wreaking havoc in India.

Vaccination will definitely take long to secure all villagers. Till then, the they have to strictly follow the protocol of masking, social distancing and hand-washing. The government needs to identify the infected villages to initiate immediate relief measures for them as also to educate them.

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. Elections and Kumbh were not the sole reasons, as there were neither elections nor Kumbh in the worst affected states of Maharashtra and Delhi. The second wave was so sudden and fast that it caught us unawares. Yes, the government should have anticipated this instead of patting back by claiming that they had won the corona war.
      Thank you, Shlok for reading and sharing your thoughts!!

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      1. True… but like everything else it wasn’t only the government’s fault. Also news people should not talk about medical stuff because it only makes more chaos, I am in medicinal field and news people don’t understand and explain the situation properly. I think everyone has different needs in terms of medicine and they should call their doctor to ask about these stuff instead of relying on our media.

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      2. You are right, now quacks have appeared all over on social media like YouTube and WhatsApp giving unsolicited advices. The other day I came to know that one person drank kerosene and died. These quacks have come out with medicines for black fungus too. They must be made accountable.

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    1. Yes, Ashley, that was my passion, but family circumstances compelled me to seek employment at the early age of 19. Thereafter I got busy with my professional career.

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