A Repeat All Over Again

Thousands of migrant labourers belonging to states like Bihar, U.P. and Jharkhand are again going back home from states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab.

We had seen last year how the sights of human pain and suffering had shaken the conscience of the nation, when the migrant labourers, left to fend for themselves, had started walking home. They used bicycles, autos, buses, trucks and whatever available on their way.

One year later, we don’t seem to have learnt any lesson. A repeat has started playing out, all over again.

Shutdown anxieties, work restrictions, loss of work and fear of being caught unawares amid the rising numbers of covid infections are triggering reverse migration again after one year.

This time however, the number is comparatively less, and mostly men are visible on the packed trains, as they had left their families behind in villages, while coming back to work last year.

The official denial that it’s the summer rush for harvest and marriage seasons holds no water, as the ground realities are quite obvious.

The latest diktats on timings of restrictions are bound to disrupt the business and industrial activities. It will be difficult for labourers to cope with financially with the reduced or no wages. Their survival is at stake. Hence, the exodus.

But the migrant labourers had also been instrumental in spreading corona to their respective places. This needs to be stopped urgently this time, when the number of infections is making new highs every day.

There are a number of NGOs coming to the rescue of the needy people in this tough time, but the migrants’ concerns are a bit different, and needed to be addressed urgently by the governments.

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. There are many NGOs working in different parts of the country for various purposes. Some of them are CRY, HelpAge, Save the Children, Narayan Seva Sansthan, Akshaya Patra, Prerna, Prayas, Deepalaya, Nanhi Kali etc. Some individuals and groups of individuals in their respective cities have also taken up the charitable work on their own.


      1. Perfect reply 😊👍🏻 but Malaysia Health Ministry very much controlling
        People for the sake of our lives 🙏🌷👍🏻we cannot go state to state,
        Everybody must wear mask , temple also 30 people also cannot stand near,
        Supermarket go also they check our temperature, then only allow in !!
        Never bother means 1000 dollars want to give or want to jail !!
        But again new cases more getting in Malaysia also ! we are all so
        Careful only !! Now whole world really scary this sick 🙏🌷

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      2. It’s really nice to impose hard measures. It should be to contain corona, but there are people who are born to oppose any good thing. India is in the worst situation now, as daily infections for the last 3 days are two lac plus. Simply alarming. Thank you for sharing your concerns and thoughts 🙏

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  1. Great post Sir, yes but no lessons we learnt and people are we ourselves inviting it carelessly, instead of counts there have been names in our families n neighborhood being affected very badly. Let’s hope praying God to protect the world with his healing hands. 😔

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    1. Yes, Suma, the position is critical with one fourth of global infections is from India alone. Let the better sense prevail with all of us. Thank you for resonating with me. 🙏


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