नाटक / Drama

अजीब हैं इंसान के तरीके..

कभी किसी नाटक में
किसी पात्र की पीड़ा को
सच मान कर रोते हैं..

और कभी किसी के
वास्तविक दुख को
नाटक मान कर हंसते हैं..


Strange are the ways
of humans beings..

sometimes they cry
over the sufferings
of a character in a drama
accepting it as real..

and sometimes make fun
of someone’s real misery
accepting it as a drama..

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. It looks that we are almost all in agreement that humans are peculiar and contrary, But are we?
    There are many aspects to each side to be convincingly right. I must go to bed now or I might become a drama queen myself…


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