Translating Idea Into Action

In one of my earlier posts, “The Ravenous Flames” (18 March), I had given a detailed account how in order to uplift the Gond tribal people they had been given assistance in the form of wells and pumps for farming, but there was no real change in their plight and they went back for stone breaking.

I was deeply moved by the plight of those poverty stricken tribal people, and as a young officer I wanted to do something concrete to uplift them. I was already in touch with the people of the village.

A lady was the Sarpanch or Mukhiya (Village Head), as the seat was reserved for ladies, but the real force was her husband, popularly called Mukhiyapati (Husband of the Head) who used to represent her, as she would veil her face before going out.

One thing I noticed was that almost all ladies of the village were engaged all day in Bidi making. Bidi is like a desi local cigarette made of Tendu leaves, which were the main crops in the area.

The menfolk used to bring the raw material from the merchants in the city and also sell the finished products to them at a very thin margin. They were not getting the real value of their labour.

I asked Mukhiyapati, his deputy and others in the village to form a society and I would help forge ahead a tie-up for both forward and backward linkages with the two big Bidi manufacturing companies, who were incidentally my clients, the account holders.

Mukhiya was from the ruling party, while her deputy was from the opposition. During the process of society formation, something went wrong due to party politics. Mudslinging ensued between the rival factions. Someone also complained against me to my higher ups that I was working in connivance with a political party for my own vested interests.

It was a bolt from the blue. I had not anticipated that even a good work would invite someone’s wrath, but it might have sullied my name and professional career. I pulled out from the whole process without losing any time.

It was a setback for me, but the idea remained in my mind and heart. In the meantime, I got acquainted with the Minister, who was from the same district, Damoh, where I was posted, as described in my post My Meeting With The Minister (24 March).

I decided to encash this connection and shared my idea with him. It appeared as if he was waiting for it. He welcomed the idea with open arms and immediately started working on it. The idea was finally translated into action as an initiative of the local government for women empowerment and tribal welfare.

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. With the experience you have, I’m sure you must have similar stories. Thank you Sean for your reading and commenting.


  1. To a foreigner, this story sounds as exotic as it is illuminating and positive. You do help where you can, KK, and have worked out almost but not quite yet, your way to heaven.


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  2. I look at our situation here in NI and see that the politicians do not read the situation ‘on the ground’, do not really grasp what the population want. Once in a position of authority, people seem to change, seem to be blind to the needs of those who voted for them! A thought-provoking post KK! 🙏

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    1. You are right. The politicians know what are expected of them, but they are self centred and remain engaged in corruption, though exceptions are also there, like the Minister I have referred to. Thank you, Ashley, for your reading and sharing your reflections 🙏

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  3. How absolutely wonderful because these things are very difficult to do. I wish the project the best ingenuity and will hold it in the back of my Spirit where others’ concerns are held for prayer.

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  4. The interest of our country and its citizen should be at the utmost priority, whether or not it aligns with the interests of the political parties. Sadly, we see the complete reverse scenario of this statement.
    It’s great that you were able to help out the people at the grassroot level and make a change in their lives. 😃

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    1. Yes, that’s the ideal thing, but we have created space for unscrupulous elements in politics by distancing ourselves from this. But still hopes are there, good people with right intentions can make a difference. It’s happening too. Thank you, Lakshya, for reading and sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙏

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