Positive and / or Negative

After a 10-day struggle, Manan was standing at the reception of the hospital with his corona negative report in the hand. Some people were applauding him for winning the war.

But there was a deep shadow of uneasiness on Manan’s face, as he kept remembering the torturous and unbearable phase called “isolation” while returning home from the hospital.

A small room with minimal facilities, insufficient light, with no means of entertainment, no one spoke nor did anyone came close to him. Food was also simply stuffed in a plate and moved to him.

He was drawing a parallel between his isolation and the life in a jail, where a prisoner is kept isolated from the society due to crime committed by him. Isolation in itself is a punishment.

When he was in school, one of the usual punishments inflicted by teachers was to stand in isolation facing a corner. He kept pondering what crime he or his mother had committed.

On reaching home, Manan without exchanging any word with the enthusiastic wife and children standing at the door went straight to a dingy room in the neglected corner of the house, where his mother had been kept confined for the last five years, after his father’s demise.

He fell at his mother’s feet, and cried a lot. He came out with her frail mother telling her that all of them would now live together.

Mother was surprised, but his son had realized how painful the solitude is. The purpose of imprisonment is to reform. Manan’s isolation had served the same purpose. He was now a reformed person. His negative report became positive for him and his family.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Indeed, good learning. I was sick last year for almost a month because my body was not accepting food and water in Varanasi. Now, I’m okay with eating different dishes which I used to neglect in the future. I don’t like oily food.

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    1. What had happened? Home sickness? The same thing used to happen to me when I would go out of Varanasi. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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      1. I was admitted to the district hospital. 10 glucose bottles have been used on the same night.

        The building is very old. Drinking water supplied by a tube well. My body reacts against the water. Now, I’m home for almost one year and wanted to return as soon as possible.

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      2. So it was a bit serious. Take care of your health first, then decide to go. My best wishes 😊


  2. This was just beautiful, Kishore. Isolation during covid is I’m sure a torture. This was an eye-opening post for us all. Life is full of lessons along the way. ❤️🌹💐

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  3. A moving story, Kaushal, but someone should feel compassion for others even without the pandemic, especially for children and the elderly.
    You wrote about raising warriors, shouldn’t we be more resilient?


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    1. Thank you, Joanna. I agree what you say. We should definitely be resilient, there is no doubt about it. I had used warriors in a different context on a different post in relation to parasites.


  4. This is painful to read.. people need to be embraced in love.. I can understand isolating someone for a little while may get them to think about what they did but to be exiled.. or left alone when we need to be loved and explained to. well its just wrong.. sorry this really triggered me and I am thinking particularly of aboriginal deaths in custody which happen often after so called ‘criminals’ are beaten and then locked up in isolation and often they may not even have committed a crime just been the ‘wrong’ race or color and so a target of a narcissistic bully’s hatred or contempt.

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  5. Older people do really need a lot of care. But maybe in our quest for “privacy”, we have neglected the whole idea of togetherness. Hope people start realising it without having to actually go through the torture of this covid isolation.

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    1. With the disintegration of joint families, such tendencies are on the rise. Let’s hope that better sense will prevail. Thanks, Lakshya for taking your time to read and share beautiful reflections 🙏

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    1. No, due to sheer neglect by her son and daughter-in-law. It happens in many cases. That’s why a need of old age home is felt. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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