To Bee or Not To Bee

The tiny and humble bees
toiling hard
day in and day out
supping up the nectar
of beautiful blooms,
here and there across the planet,
collecting and storing honey
in the cells of honeycomb
then sealing with wax for safety
for their hard days
to fall back on when needed,
feel happy and contented..

one day comes the tormentor
with smoke spiralling
towards the hive
to remove them,
opens their hive,
uncaps and extracts
their hard-earned honey
and just in a moment,
they are left paupers
devoid of food and shelter..

queen and worker bees
absolutely shattered
know not what,
where and how
perplexed.. confused..

they don’t lose hope
gather steam and start
from the scratch once again
all over again
flower to flower,
to new home
with regained enthusiasm,
new hopes and aspirations
without knowing it’s a cycle..

they are busy bees
busy as ever,
engaging in action
without thinking of the result..

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. I love this essay/poem about the wonder of bees. I love bees and kept two hives in my garden.
    You haven’t mentioned that they are tremendous pollinators. When taking honey, it should be a relatively small amount, and during late autumn one should feed them by putting inside the hive sugar, and special feed to sustain them. They lead complex lives and are very intelligent.
    To bee or not to bee? For me, bees, every time!!

    Thank you, Kaushal!!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna, for such an elaborate description. I salute your expertise. You are an authority. Regarding pollination, I’ll take up separately. Thanks again !!

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  2. One can learn a lot from bees. Giving our everything to others, again starting a new life is great learning. Learning the art and having the courage to do so is mandatory. You have described it very well KK.

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  3. When I retired I thought I might become a beekeeper but my garden is too small. A home for wild bees is the best I can do along with planting many bee-friendly plants. This year I’m hoping that the 2 dwarf Buddleia’s I bought last year will flower this summer. I recorded seeing a bumblebee, an Early or Garden species (Bombus pratorum) in late February! She was looking for nectar then and found the few early crocus that I have. This week of brighter days I’ve seen several of her kind feeding on the Blackthorn flowers in the hedge. Who doesn’t love the spring?

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    1. You are so fortunate, Ashley, that you not only can think of these lovely things, but also translate into action. I’m very very happy about you. You have rightly said all love springs, and these little creatures have a better sense to feel and act. Thanks again 😊

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  4. Beautiful poem Sir. At times, things just don’t go our way..and we cry for what happened. But even these tiny creatures show the values, which we neglect.. team spirit, love, affection, motivation..and we are lost in our materialistic world, hoping for some miracle to happen to get things straight.
    Thank you so much for sharing this…

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    1. Yes, we should learn a lesson or two from them. In fact the last line of the poem has been taken from the teachings of Bhagwad Gita to emphasise that even the bees follow it, but not we humans. Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏

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