एक बच्चे को बच्चा ही रहने दो / Let A Child Be A Child

एक बच्चे को
बच्चा ही रहने दो
सांसारिकता से दूर
उसे अपने ‘बचपन’ का
भरपूर आनंद बस लेने दो..

मत छीनो उसका
उससे विश्वास
उसका प्यार, स्नेह
और उसकी मासूमियत..

क्योंकि वे ही मिलने वाले हैं
हमें कई गुना कई प्रकार से
जब वह कदम रखते हैं
भविष्य की जिंदगी में
इन्हीं भावनाओं के साथ
अपने अंदर एक ‘बच्चे’ के साथ..

(यह देखा गया है कि एक बच्चे को उसके बचपन से वंचित करना उन्हें असामान्य बना देता है)


let a child
be a child
let a child
live its childhood
to the fullest
out of this worldliness..

let us not snatch
the love affection
trust and innocence..

as we get back
the same manifold
in multiple ways
when the child grows
and works with the same
for the rest of life
with a ‘child’ within..

(It has been seen that denying a child of a normal childhood makes him or her deviant.)

–Kaushal Kishore


      1. You are right. It happens with any creature, including plants. Initial upbringing is very important for the rest of life. Thanks for sharing your reflections 🙏


  1. I am checking all emails I couldn’t reply to on Friday, as I was working on Swami’s post, and I found this one, KK, that I haven’t read. While your beautiful poem reflects your noble thoughts and should be praised, the reality around us is less wholesome. Years back I wrote a book from which
    all proceeds were to go to a trust for the children in need in this country. Cutting a long story short I was told that helping children living and dying in squalor was the last of interests of many who could have helped, as there are around 80,000 children in care. I won’t tell you what happened
    when I offered a vast sum of money in India. You are lucky, KK. to have a wonderful life without
    the dark side, filled with the love of your family, and you wholly deserve it.


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    1. What a wonderful initiative taken by you, Joanna. I have no words of appreciation. In India, there are NGOs like CRY and Nanhi Kali to take care of deprived children, but I’m not sure whether any concrete impact is there. Which organisation did you help? And what was the title of your book?

      To my mind, it is better to visit local orphanage and give our love and affection to see instant happiness in them. Thank you very much for your response. I feel happy for posting this poem.

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  2. Thank you, KK. One of my readers, an academic who deals with underprivileged communities in India, regularly posts a live pictures of children, aged 5 – 6 , eating from dustbins or of the ground food that is thrown out. Her reminder is “Be grateful for what you have as for some having something to eat that day is happiness”. My book is out of print now but it is a history of my family dating back to the 15 century, The money that I offered in India wasn’t chicken feed, at a notch under one million.
    But being white was the reason why it didn’t work out. Water under the bridge now, and I won’t be offering again
    Thank you, KK, for being you.
    By the way, when not helped in England, I took one young girl and educated her myself for close to four years, everyday lessons, until she passed all the exams needed to get to university.

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    1. You are really great, Joanna. You educated the girl. In our religion, imparting education is treated a pious job. Education never goes waste. But I’m sad about your donation. Being white or black is no reason, when we have to work for poverty alleviation and children’s welfare. That’s why I don’t believe in NGOs, which work in corporate style.
      Your book must have been interesting one. Dating back to 15th century? Thanks for giving a detailed response. My regards!!


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