Criticism is Easy

Courtesy: Daleep Kaul

With a view to refining the quality of one of his paintings, a painter placed it at a crossroad with the request that anybody could offer suggestions to improve it further. When he returned in the evening, he was shocked that people had drawn so many oblique lines on the painting itself that it was completely defaced.

He realised the mistake, and the next day he placed blank sheets also along with another painting with request to give suggestions on one of the blank sheets placed alongside. But surprisingly all the sheets remained blank in the evening.

The story reminds me of one of my seniors, who used to criticise us on any draft note, submitted by us for his approval. We then started preserving all the drafts assigning numbers to them, because in most of the cases, the draft number one or two used to be finally approved by him.

He was an exception, but it is the human tendency to criticise for showing supremacy. Criticism is easy, but difficult to think or do something original. Those who cannot do something on their own, they indulge in negative criticism and unfortunately such people are getting cheap popularity and prominence these days.

But such people are not aware that criticism can give you happiness at the cost of somebody, while appreciation gives happiness to both.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. ♡ Because of The STIGMA!!! of MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) there is a Tendency, inherited from Family of Origin to Destructively Criticise Others and “Deface” Character; fortunately there ARE Those who CHOOSE!!! to Constructively Criticise


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  2. Worthy people make others feel worthy, more than who they are, what they can become. They remind them about all that’s beautiful about them, about their highest possibility and make them confident about achieving it. They don’t wish them to achieve it, they adore them because they are capable of achieving it.

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    1. Very well said. Self-centred persons can’t appreciate. A person with positive mind will always think of well being of others. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your beautiful thoughts!!

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