Ignore Interruptions

The crow is believed to be the only bird that dares to peck at an eagle. It sits on the eagle’s back and bites its neck. But the eagle does not care.

When the eagle gets irritated due to constant harassment by the crow, the eagle simply opens its wings and begins to soar high in the sky, where it is hard for the crow to breathe. And finally, the crow falls automatically due to lack of oxygen.

We also come across such crows very often in our lives, who would like to have free rides with us for their ulterior motives. Remember, the coward enemies always attack from behind. Some of them will try to intimidate us in their overt or covert ways, out of jealousy, or to show their supremacy.

And most of the people are in the habit of unnecessarily poking their noses in our day-to-day affairs by offering their unsolicited advices. They may or may not be the well-wishers, but they definitely sow some seeds of suspicion or indecision in our minds.

Whatever may be the provocation or interruption, humility and patience are the best personality traits in such circumstances, with our feet on the ground. We have our own minds supported by our five sense organs. We must have the capability to sense the motive behind any such move. If it appears to be genuine, it must be considered positively.

But most of the suggestions are either motivated or ill informed ones, which deserve to be outrightly ignored without wasting much time or effort. Let’s not entertain any impediment that comes in the way.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. β™‘ I AM, I Listen, I “Ignore” and Soar; ergo I AM an “Eagle” and a Dragon and a Fish in Addition to Being a Mammal


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