Useless TV Debates

Previously I used to see news channels, but now I have lost all interest. Important developmental news like testing of missiles, social upliftment, education, economy etc have taken a back seat, while crime and petty party politics rule the roost.

Just name the channel, and you will come to know what stuff are in store for you. It is now difficult to have impartial news and views on tv channels.

Channels have stooped so low in their fights for TRPs that they have discarded all moral values.

The most treacherous is to watch tv debates. Both the choice of topic and the methodology are not upto the mark. All 45 minutes of debate are wasted just for shouting at one another. It is anybody’s guess as to which guest on the panel will speak what.

Then there is a new tribe of political analysts, all of whom have political leanings. Since they are neither members nor spokespersons of respective parties, they can’t identify themselves with a political party, but it doesn’t stop them from being sympathisers of those parties. Probably, they may be looking for a foothold to enter politics.

But my complaint is against the anchors, who don’t make debate worthy of any value. Who knows they may have instructions from their channel bosses to highlight controversies and bickerings to attract attention of viewers, just for TRP.

Our country is facing a lot of problems, which should be the areas of concern for tv channels too, but it is really pathetic to see their vested interests. Even social issues like rape, crime and economy culminate into recriminations with no conclusion whatsoever.

What can be ideally done is to have a brainstorming session on topics relevant to nation and people, where panelists may be asked to offer their individual suggestions to tackle a particular issue, instead of mud-slinging on each other, and at the end of debate, the channel should come out with a concrete plan that may be sent to the governments and political parties to see that some logical conclusion is arrived at.

This way, tv channels may play a constructive and responsible role for reaching a consensus out of a controversy.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Reading your post, I see media bias is not solely an American problem and perhaps reflects instead a generational culture of shouting over and down. Excellent suggestions you offer to make better use of the airwaves and time. Now, if only some media outlets would follow them and start offering something constructive to society. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading the post and commenting. In fact, the problem is multifarious, due to direct or indirect interference from administration, political parties, business families and pressure groups. Pull and push make the whole thing distasteful. It’s better to keep them at a distance instead of polluting mind and wasting time.

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  2. Hello, I came to your blog from Trent’s World who wrote about the same topic today. One of his comments mentioned your post. I am happy to see that more bloggers are writing about this very serious issue and hope that more will join in. My daughter and son-in-law assure me that their generation does not subscribe to the ‘brainwashing’ of biased media and rely on podcasts and other internet resources. My favorite source lately is The Economist. You may be familiar with it, but if not, check it out. Very well written pieces concerning global issues.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and offering your kind comments. You have rightly stated that instead of relying on biased media, internet resources are better. I prefer to have some from YouTube. The Economist suggested by you is really good, but for local issues, I have to fall back upon national papers and periodicals. I’m glad that you took time to offer your feedback with practical inputs. Thanks once again.

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  3. In my opinion, institutional journalism is dead in India! Everything that aires on the television is nothing but propaganda, hate mongering between communities and the journalists will try their level best to obscrutantise the news from the general public. All I’d consider is that the media is nothing but a lap dog of the government. This is saddening.

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    1. You are right, media are like lapdogs. You name the channel, and you are sure what you are going to watch. Republic or Zee is pro, while NDTV is anti. But to top it all, the issue of TRP is paramount that generates the ad revenue. So it’s all business. Thank you, Snigdha for stopping by and sharing your beautiful reflections 🙏

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