Some Marketing Tips

When I was asked to head the Zone headquartered in a remote area of Bihar, it came like a bolt from the blue. It was a backward district, and so were the seven districts coming under this Zone.

These districts falling in Seemanchal, Kosi and Mithila regions share their borders with either Nepal or Bengal, throwing some peculiar issues.

The place had no big industry, but trading activities were there. Agriculture was the main profession. It had a big grain mandi. Medical, Engineering and other Colleges were also there. The scope of banking business was little to explore.

In the absence of big ticket business, I had to make marketing strategies to garner more business from retail segment, that means agriculture and service sectors, including education.

Retail clients are small in size, but of steady nature, provided we can win thier loyalty by being proactive with marketing tactics, for which employees should be adept to handle.

So I decided to mobilise my frontline staff of all branches by asking my controllers to have evening sessions at their respective branches one by one.

The sessions were intended to convey six-point mantra of BLDCIS to be translated into action. The salient features were as under:

1.Building Customer Relations (B)
Greet customers with smile, maintaining eye contact. Remain well-groomed with formal dress and avoid body/mouth odour. Above all, be punctual.
Mantra was मुस्कुरा के तो देखो.

2.Listening (L)
Pay attention to what customer says. Show interest, give feedback and respond well.
Mantra was सुन के तो देखो.

3.Delivery of service (D)
Develop personal touch while delivering service by being polite, and seek feedback to improve
Mantra was दिल से कर के तो देखो.

4.Conversing (C)
After delivery, engage client in conversation, and ask him questions to make connections, and to set future agenda for business.
Mantra was बात कर के तो देखो.

5.Identifying Customer Needs (I)
Ask the customer right questions, understand the needs and offer matching products.
Mantra was जरूरतों को समझ के तो देखो.

6.Serving with Compliance (S)
Manage crowds, rush hour, and difficult situation by asking customers to cope with. Say even ‘no’ in a nice way.
Mantra was प्यार से कह के तो देखो.

It was really satisfying that the above mantra worked well for me and my branches with our retail business registering an exceptional growth yielding higher profits compared with other Zones.

The word-of-mouth (WOM) publicity also worked well in winning loyalty of customers, but still the scope of betterment and refinement always remains there.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. KK, it’s not often I see such tips that are better than those from the regular “gurus.” I like these a lot as they make perfect sense in terms of handling the customer as a whole and not just because they are demanding something that you cannot necessarily deliver.

    Liked by 1 person

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