Stop Inhuman Practice

One of the main reasons for reverse migration of migrant labourers was that they were not supported by their employers during lockdown, though an appeal was made to continue their wages.

Even in the organised sector, reputed firms and MNCs have started mounting pressures on certain percentage of their workforce to leave, as the scale of work has come down.

Some are adopting a sophisticated way of implementing Performance Improvement Program (PIP), which makes the employees concerned realise that they are below standard, by arranging 3 farcical reviews after 3 or 4 weeks. But why such a realisation after two, three or even six years? The sole idea is to get rid of employees.

Some companies are blunt in handing put pink slips upfront, while a few others take a midway by sending termination letter and a letter asking for employee’s resignation simultaneously, with advice to choose one.

Such types of employer-employee relationship is devoid of trust and loyalty, and is not in favour of either one. The employee gets humiliated and demoralised with depression set in gradually, and the employer loses its credibility in the job market.

Just see how many companies are now feeling acute shortage of working hands. A few companies are now airlifting them.

Not all companies will go in red, simply because of staff salary for 2 or 3 months. Just compare the ratio of median wages to that of CEOs. On an average 250 times or even more. Let him and other top bosses sacrifice first, which will not impact them much, but for lower grade employees, it is an matter of life and death.

Management’s opportunism is not only inhuman, but disastrous too. In a welfare state like ours, such heinous practices need to be curbed, but unfortunately, government has some other plans to liberalise hire and fire policy to attract foreign investment.

© Kaushal Kishore

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