Wishes Never Die

My father was worried,
What will happen to my children?
His father was also equally worried,
I’m also not less worried..
To realise wishes to see,
Children’s education and employment,
Children’s marriage,
Children’s children,
Wish list goes on..
Not for self..
But for the sake of others..
In the namesake..
It really doesn’t matter for others,
Whether I’m here or there..
Others will somehow manage to live,
with or without me..
Life moves on..
Show goes on..
It’s rather my own selfishness..
My own FOMO,
The feeling of missing out,
Something important event of my life..
Something more satisfying..
That I long to live more..
A bit more..
Wishes never die..
Despite failing mind,
and a frail body..

–Kaushal Kishore

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